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Mortgage Plus the One Stop Home Loan Solution.

Mortgage Plus cc offers you an ALL-in-One Bond Origination Service.
Shopping around for the best home loan interest rate can be very time consuming and since you homeloan is probably the biggest financial commitment you’ll ever have its important to ensure that you’re getting the best bond deal currently available.

4 Things to look for when searching for the best home loan package:

1: Super Low Interest Rate
Our mortgage Consultants will send you home loan application to all the major bond providers in South Africa – including: ABSA, FNB, STD Bank, Nedbank, Sanlam and SA Home Loans
2: Discounted Bond Costs
We are able to negotiate between 100% and 50% discount on your Bond Registration costs. Always ask our consultants for a discount as these costs can add up to thousands.
3: Fast Approvals
When purchasing a new property its important to secure your homeloan finance as fast as possible since sellers are often not willing to wait more that a couple of weeks for your bond to be approved – Mortgage Plus can secure your approval within days.
4: No hidden costs
Our bond origination service is not only comprehensive, but it is also 100% free. In fact you’ll not only be getting the lowest interest rate but also a discount on your bond registration costs.
Speak to Morne Prinsloo one of our Mortgage Consultants to set up a appointment.

Our consultants have helped clients all over South Africa secure great interest rates on their new and existing home loans. / / 011 327 4489.


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