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The Best Home Loans Options in South Africa(Mortgage Plus cc)

bag_with_money_dollars_1800487MORTGAGE PLUS is a bond originator who is dedicated to procuring and arranging highly competitive mortgage lending rates to existing and new residential bond holders who have an acceptable risk profile. Furthermore, MORTGAGE PLUS shall private a seamless transaction which not only results in substantial savings to the client, but which is also effective and convenient.

Individuals in the target market segment on which MORTGAGE PLUS focuses are mostly employed or self employed.

It is also recognized that these individuals have and are mostly still engaged in building their asset base in order to increase their net worth.

MORTGAGE PLUS employs qualified consultants who advise clients about various options that exist in order to maximize benefits.

Some benefits are:
• New Home Loans and advice on different types of home loan products.
• Larger mortgage loans at the existing monthly installment
• Reduced retention period of the loan if the existing monthly payment is maintained at a reduced interest rate.
• Larger loans (including second bonds) at reduced interest rates – the balance could be utilized for alterations, extensions or for other important purposes.
• Switching your bond to another Financial Institution to receive more benefits.
• Reduced monthly installments.

MORTGAGE PLUS understands that it is important to keep the client up to date on the status of the transaction. If the client has specific requirements regarding feedback, MORTGAGE PLUS will within reason, comply with that request.

MORTGAGE PLUS consultants analyze the needs of each client and calculate the value of each option. The cost of re-registering the mortgage bond to another institution, if necessary, depends on each case.

In short, MORTGAGE PLUS provides an opportunity to:
• Save money over both the short and long term;
• Enlarge net worth values of individuals and;
• Create wealth.

Therefore, it is an opportunity not to disregard or say “NO” to!
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